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Late summer

Sep 21 2009

tour down memory lane

Yesterday I celebrated the last day of summer by going on a bicycle ride. I went on a route I have often been on and remember I did the same tour with my nephew Andrew and Imre some years ago. I don’t know why I got this idea into my head, but I prepared my ‘touring’ bike and off I went.

On the S-Bahn to Petershagen Nord then off on the bike to Eggersdorf. I also went there with Andrew to celebrate Herren Tag which is in mid-May each year. Cycled up to the main road and then along the west side of Bötzsee. At the top of the lake I stopped at a restaurant I know and sat outside with a wonderful view of the lake. What a surprise – Hans’ brother and his wife arrived a few minutes later and the only free place was at my table.

They didn’t recognise me – I was still wearing my sunglasses – but I recognised them immediately. We had a good chat as we enjoyed  lunch together. When you are cycling over a long period you need some solid food in the middle of the day just as you do when you are skiing. I learnt this when skiing in the Czech Republic with Jan many years ago.

I then cycled north along Fängersee and west to Wesenthal, where I slowly cycled over the flat fields with apple trees on the side of the road, before arriving at the long roads protected from the sun by tall trees. This is typical for the Brandenberg scenery east of Berlin. The photos I took are also typical for the area and show the end of summer in the colours and shades of the sunlight and trees.

I then cycled towards Altlandsberg but skirted the town by taking the longer route to Hönow. I discovered the new cycle and in-line skater path to Hönow and arrived there in late evening as the sun was setting. An U-Bahn journey back to my part of the city and a short ride to my flat ended a perfect day with lots of memories. A nice active way to send the summer of 2009.  Where did it all go?