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June and things

May 30 2010

June and things

In Berlin we are still waiting for the sun to arrive! A few weeks ago I left New Orleans with 28°C to arrive in Berlin with 12°C. It hasn’t changed much since 🙁  Perhaps we’ll have luck in June.

On Saturday 5 June I am off to Warnemunde with Frau Beckmann and her gang of ‘Oldies’ for a day of looking for the sun, eating a large lunch, walking along the beach before eating a lot of cakes with coffee, then taking the train back to Berlin. Sounds like fun to me!

Next day, I am going to the Olympia Stadium to see the final of the Olympic Pentathlon competition. One of my students is the boss and organised the event. I corrected his opening address and so got a nice invitation to the event 🙂 My iMac will be three years old then. I wonder what it wants as a present!

On the 3 June, I am going to see the Aga Khan exhibition at the Martin Gropius Bau museum. It closes three days later so I have to see it then. I want to see what this family, with its interesting claim of historical descent, collected over so many years.

I have a series of concerts and opera visits in my calendar for the season is drawing to a close and again  if I don’t do it now I will have lost the chance. There are the usual lessons, and visits to Hans. There is also lessons for me to improve my written German. Getting slowly better!

Not a big month for birthdays in my family and friends circle. On the 19th June my father would have been 96 and my mother 90. Pity they are not here to have a real ‘Oldie’ birthday party! Teresa of a certain age has her birthday on the 23rd, Hermann the Oldie will be 73 on the 25th and that is it for birthdays this month.

I hope to post the photos and stories about my recent visit to New Orleans, and south Louisiana, for I have finally worked on each photo and reduced each for posting to the internet. Watch this space!