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Jan is in Berlin

Dec 19 2008

Jan called me this evening. He is back in Berlin.
Surprise as I settled down to decide what I should add to this blog. The phone rang which is not a surprise, but the voice at the end of the line was. It was lieber Jan calling from Mutti’s in Berlin.

He flew over on Tuesday landing Wednesday and having slept most of today = Thursday and having a good Berlin beer 🙂 he gave me a buzz. He asked if he could come round next Monday. Of course I said – Yes!

I must get a few beers in for he really hates USA beer and has almost stopped drinking it. He says it is full of chemicals and after drinking it he has stomach pains. I didn’t like American beer much when I was there some years ago so I know what he means.

He is flying to Spain on the 27th to spend some time with Arancha and then he flies back to the USA to finish his degree. At least I have an hour or two in his busy schedule and am looking forward to seeing him.

The internet and its communicative programmes can help to bridge the gap and we talk over skype and use webcams so that helps to reduce the distance – and it helps him when we use this to check and correct his essays!