Left bed

Helga Head

Jan 08 2011

Helga’s Head

On the left you can see  a photo of my breakfast table and wall. At the start of January I removed my framed picture and added a calendar of work made at my Friday Photoshop Gang.

I added a nice photo of some of the gang taken by Stefan at Schröder’s Summer Grill Party.

You may remember seeing my last work of art in December.  It was of Helga from our Friday Photoshop group. I put her into the picture photographing a statue of Confucius, posted it to this blog and added that I wanted to make some changes.

Yesterday, I had the chance at our first Photoshop Gang meeting since the holiday break. We had a long coffee, cake, and chat session before going to the computers and working on what we wanted to do. My choice was the last one in December.

Without help from Stefan, I would never have managed it. We all agreed to have a period of revision during this course. I wanted to bring together Confucius’ head and Helga’s head and arms with her camera in an elongated spiral.

It took me ages to find the right tools in the programme, then discover they did not provide what I wanted. Even so, I was able to experiment and you can see the result (above right).

Still not happy but it shows that I have a lot to learn, and re-learn from earlier lessons!