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Happy Sunday

Jan 14 2009

I was very happy last Sunday

Why? Andrea, Jan and Daniel came to see me. Jan got back from seeing Arancha in the north of Spain on the Saturday evening and looked much better than when I saw him just before Christmas. He looked rested and relaxed and even had a twinkle in his eye! I wonder why?

Daniel came from grabbing a few hours sleep for he is trying to break the work record for partying in addition to working evenings-nights in a bar. He dozed in my comfy armchair until told to do things. Andrea organised us all.

She wanted us to meet so that I could take some photographs for ‘Muttis’ big day. We did this two years ago and got some nice pics of her with Jan. Jan and Andrea had brought there bigger, newer digital cameras so I ended up taking 4 versions of each shot = their cameras in addition to my digital and my old Olympus 35 mm camera. I am going to pick up photos from that camera later this afternoon.

I really enjoyed the time with them and their smiles and jokes. I was also impressed with how quickly and easily Andrea and Jan switched and copied shots from camera to computer and different kinds of memory sticks. From all the ones we took I decided to work on 14, and from those I selected two- and here they are.

Jan arrived back in Rhode Island yesterday and is probably sleeping now, as Daniel will after another round of parties and work. He is leaving Berlin at the end of January so that is a good excuse to party. Andrea will be hard at work on her books in her college at the moment and will have selected the photos she wants to have framed as a present.

Thanks to each of you for making my Sunday so memorable.