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Hammock time

Jun 01 2010

Hammock time 

Tony and Rita have a very nice house in ‘Up Town’. This is near to Tulane University where Tony is a Professor. I should have written ‘was’ for he is now busy moving the family to London where he has taken a Professorship at London University in a new department.

We just had to enjoy the evenings in the hammock on the verandah of their house. Here are a few shots of us. Also of us when we cleaned up the front of the house. He was having a farewell party for university friends and professors so we all pitched in and cleaned it up ready for the guests.

I attacked the front garden and removed a lot of overgrown green foliage, grass and tree branches. Bevan joined in and helped us clean up the front steps with a hose and we were very happy with the results. We earned our rest and recuperation – in a glass!

The party was a big success and I enjoyed meeting so many of his fellow Profs and friends.