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Nov 01 2009


After a day in the country mit dem Boot, I ended the evening at the Komische Oper, Berlin. Angelika had got me a free ticket to see the last performance, so I spruced myself up and off I went.

Nice to see Angelika again, for I missed her birthday due to travelling, and to see the opera house again. I am going again next Friday evening to the second concert of the season.

Last night I watched/listened to Hamlet and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was specially commissioned from the composer Christian Jost. I heard one of his compositions at a recent concert and liked that so I was interested to see what he had done with Hamlet.

Of course it was reduced to 2 house and 20 minutes from the original just over 4 hours and kept very much to the narrative of the play. I particularly liked the black and white visual effect supporting the sound and action. Can only praise it highly and would happily see it again.