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Graduate Visitors

Nov 30 2009

Graduate visitors from Spain

Yes, El ‘arry and Arancha dropped by last Friday morning. Andrea arrived earlier so I gave her the tea bags she wanted from my last trip to England. A nice picture of her posing with teabags. We had time to exchange news, including that she had just had her hair dyed a shade darker!

Jan and Arancha then arrived. They had been out the night before ‘celebrating’ and I think you can see this in Jan’s face 🙂  They cleared his things out of my cellar and took them to Andrea’s cellar which is bigger. He has to decide which to take to Spain, or not. It was nice to see them and he was more relaxed than when I saw him in the stress of trying to end his degree in Rhode Island.

On Saturday, the family drove to his university at Braunschweig for his degree ceremony. All went well and now we have to address him with the title,  ‘ Herr Diplom-Ingenieur, Jan Trautmann M.Sc.’ Congratulations Jan!  He’s got three interviews soon so hopefully he will be offered a job near to where he lives.  I wonder if he will send any photos to share, or have you got any of the big day Andrea?