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Goodbye lobster

Jul 10 2009

Anyone for lobster?

My last full day was spent with Jan in his laboratory and library where we checked his latest text. I also bought myself a nice gray and blue sweatshirt with the legend of ‘ University of Rhode Island’ on it. I am wearing it now.

We later drove to a small fishing town where you can buy fresh fish and so we bought lobsters. I had never eaten fresh lobster before and so was set for a new adventure. I bought a light dry wine to accompany the lobster and so return to the kitchen.

Jan explained how and why they were cooked in this way. At least I am a little wiser now should I be called upon to cook lobster in the future. I think the photos tell the story very well. I only remember a quiet evening as I started to pack my bag. Next day Jan drove me to Boston airport and we said our goodbyes.

The return flight was better than the first one. It was made more interesting by talking to my neighbour. She was a young and very attractive lady from Wales who now lived in the USA with her family and was travelling to Madrid to meet a group, and all planned to improve their Spanish. Amazing the people you meet on a flight!

The flight from Madrid to Berlin was full but pleasant. Finally, I was very happy to turn the key and open my own front door after three weeks of opening so many other doors!

The last word has to go to Jan. I saw him under tremendous pressure as he worked to finish his MSc and I am pleased that I was able to help him. I am sure he will get his two degrees without any problem after finishing the last section on his own. I am also sure he is looking forward to the next phase of his life which has to be finding a job and being with Arancha.

I could not have made the trip without his support, nor have enjoyed my time in New York without him acting as a guide. Danke lieber Jan and I look forward to seeing you in Berlin in early August. I already have the beers in the fridge for you. Just waiting for your call.