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Going to Turkey

May 04 2009

I leave for Turkey tomorrow

Yes, now flying later than planned to Alanya so travelling through the night. I hate that but now have no choice. You know I am taking Hans there for his annual holiday which for me is just work. At least he will be able to relax and do what he wants to do – except drink! He will celebrate his 58th birthday there so I shall let him have a few extra beers!

That means you will not get regular updates from me in May for later I leave for the south of France to enjoy some time with Hannelore and Peter near Nice.

I shall post photos and reports about my life in May but they will all be later than usual. Thanks and enjoy your May.

Going to Turkey

Jan 08 2009

I’m going to Turkey!

This afternoon I went to the travel agency at Flughafen Schönefeld with Hans. The office rejected the first offer because of free booze from 10.00 am to midnight. We had been in touch with the agency during the last couple of days and they had some alternative offers ready for our arrival.

I let Hans make the decision as to which hotel and he picked one fronting onto the beach and one-and-a-half klm from the centre of Alanya, for that is where he wants to go.

He looked very unhappy on the way back and I asked him what was wrong. He answered that he should never have said anything about free booze at the first hotel. This is not an offer at the new hotel!! We fly out on 5th May for a week of fun there.

Now to find my Turkish for Tourist book!