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Friedrich and Donald

Dec 27 2009

Friedrich and Donald Duck

On the 25th I sorted out my presents, cards and flat then talked to Andrew and family, over Skype, and the Lynch family per telephone. I later went to Marita’s very nice flat and enjoyed the rest of the evening in the company of Marita, her mother, Friedrich the cat and her traditionally decorated tree. There was also Donald Duck, but we ate him!

Friedrich had a recent operation to remove a tumor so was not his usual active self. Even so, he perked up a bit when Marita fed him some pieces of Donald. He then tried to climb onto the table to get at the rest of the bird. Signs of recovery. We had red cabbage cooked in the traditional way with lots of wine and spices. Delicious with duck!   

We sipped dry Cava sekt as an aperitif before a dry red with Donald. Very tasty!  The space behind the large windows in the living room housed a ‘real’ fully decorated tree. All very different from my ‘spartan’ living room. Some photos to share with you.  Unfortunately Donald had disappeared before I thought about my camera!