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Friday Gang

Nov 01 2009

My Friday Gang

I have reported before that I go to a Centre for Seniors each Friday afternoon, led by the ever patient Stefan.

We are learning how to use Photoshop Elements. Since joining this group I pay more attention to how I use my camera for a shot and we have fun learning how to uses Layers/Ebene!

Last Friday I just snapped a few of my Friday Gang. PerhapsI should take a group photo. On these you can see Helga about to eat something, Joel with his red scarf, Kurt with a broad smile and Susan with her arms crossed on her lap. I borrowed a photo of Stefan from his blog. Now you know some of the people I share me Friday with.

I am having more problems to load photos since Blogger changed the posting format a few weeks ago. This is just one example: I can’t get the photos on the same level. Not the first time as you can see from recent posts. Must find a solution – perhaps another blog provider.