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February 2009 Events

Feb 04 2009

Birthdays in February 2009

The month has already started and I am late posting news about birthday and events this month.

Let’s deal with birthdays first for they are the nicest. Sven opened the month with his 34th celebrated with his lovely wife and daughter here in Berlin. Alan Bateson in Castleford enjoyed his 66th on the 4th February followed by Jens on the 5th for his 39th. He lives almost on the Mugglesee and love to visit in summer to enjoy the view of the water from the garden.

Frau Dr. I Pardon has her 61st birthday on the 18th February. She runs the language institute Birgit used to work for and for which I am doing a lot of teaching at the moment to cover for illness and holidays. Eleonora has her big one on the 22nd – yes, she will be 50. She is Jan and Andrea’s mother so I wonder how that day will go off.

Heike my student in Berlin has her birthday on the 24th and Adrian has his ‘Biggy’ on the 25th = his 50th birthday. As you know from reading this blog, I shall be flying over for the event and to meet his daughter, and my god-daughter Charlotte, again. Looking forward to it. The month ends with Peter Bateson in Australia celebrating his 29th with his wife and planning the arrival of their first child at the end of April. Nice age to be a ‘Papa’ Peter!

Other things –

I was really busy last week covering for illness and holidays at the Institute and I am doing the same this week. Even more so this week as I have to prepare a student for a job interview on Friday at München. We finally sorted out his topic and language for the presentation so all I have to get him to do now is practice and practice and to do it again! Interesting to work with him for he is a Diplom Herr Bau Engineer – as Jan will soon be.

My Spanish course starts on the 12th February so I need to register next week before Thursday. I’m meeting Nicole next meet for a meal, drink and chat. Looking forward to that too.

My Photoshop course has moved to Friday afternoon with a new gang. They are nice and friendly and I like the sessions.

Mondays are for Hans and trying to help him. We recently went to Spandau as you can read on the blog report for January. I plan to take him to an inner city area next Monday. It is one of many he has never been to. He just lived in his own area and moved between his flat, job and local pub!

I have a new student called Jens and am helping him to get through a Cambridge Level 1 course book to prepare him for the exam in June. He needs it to improve his chances on the employment market. His nice ‘Mudda und Vadda’ are footing the cost of his lessons!

There are some ELTABB workshops during the month and a couple of meetings of sporty Oldies but I haven’t decided if I shall gallop along with them yet. I probably will! I am just looking forward to the changes the end of this month will bring as we slowly move from the winter to spring period. I am not a winter person – except when I am on the ski-slope where I love the deep snow, cold days and clear blue sky. Wonderful!