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ET John

Jan 30 2011

ET John

More ‘Kunst’ from me!  Last Friday my Photoshop gang met as usual and this time we had to select a background. Then to cut opening doors into the ground, out of which someone or something was to emerge. Nice idea!

Being an egoist, I selected myself! But, being an artist ‘Kunstler’ I decided to play with the image. Here you can see the result. I look like ET!

I then played around with it and added another pic of me. Stefan said it was not as interesting as the original. Having looked at them again, I have to agree with him.  What do you think?

You can have this original, and my other original works of art, for a snippet price of €50,000 per picture! A bargain for they will be worth millions after my death.      Buy now – Gimme yer money!