Left bed

Aug 31 2008

After leaving the ‘Oldie Bash’, I cycled along the river Spree in a southerly direction and finally arrived at ‘The Clipper’ which is a boat on the river and is famous for its smoked fish dishes.

The reason was the August Stammtisch of the English Language Teachers’ Association Berlin, Brandenburg (eltabb). It is not too far from my place and in fact I was there with Hans a few weeks earlier. It is a place to relax and eat when it is summer, so we had the monthly meeting there before the snow sets in!

Fifteen members gathered to chat, exchange teaching tips, gossip and generally relax. I enjoyed being in an English speaking environment again and listening to all kinds of teaching tips and experences. A very nice evening.

The close up pics are of David who is also an opera singer when not teaching and of Sue, who I have known since we met when the British Council opened many years ago in Treptower Park. Also in close up is Marg who looks rather sad. She helps me to post the associations magazines each quarter – but then she smiles! The next posting is in exactly one week. See you then Marg.