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eltabb AGM

Mar 23 2010

Eltabb-AGM 2010

I spent last Saturday at the eltabb AGM. Okay Frances, I can hear you asking what is eltabb and what is an AGM. Eltabb is the short form for English Language Teachers Association  Berlin-Brandenburg. It is a voluntary association of teachers of English and I was a co-founder all of 15 years ago! AGM means Annual General Meeting. It is held each year to deal with the organisational aspects of the association – required by law. Hope that is clear.

We have not had the best of years under the leadership of the board of management so it was a relief to find new and younger members to replace them. I took my camera, as I do to all events, and took some photos of members. These I posted to our association e-mail group but there were two I felt were rather special.

One is of Dorothy and I really like her natural smile-laugh. Actually she stood up to give her report and I took a photo but didn’t like it, so started to take another. At this point she said in a loud ‘stage whisper’….”Just get on with it”, then started to laugh and right at the moment I pressed the button and what a nice result. She was our Events Organiser for three years and did a superb job. Pity she stepped down but after so many years I can understand it.

The other photos is of Mo with his son Jonah. Mo was Chairman of our association for two years and did a good job. He then became a father and the result we can see here. I really like this photo for it shows the pride and protection of papa Mo and shows the belief and confidence of son Jonah that Papa Mo will love and protect him. The body language shows it all. Wonderful!