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Easter Friday

Apr 24 2011

Easter Friday

This was the day after seeing Peter. I started it in nice style with breakfast in the sun on my balcony. Not a bad way to start the day!

After breakfast I relaxed with my book. It is called Rivers of Gold and is a history of the conquest of the Caribbean islands and South America. I’ve got to the part where Columbus is dead, as indeed were his benefactors including Isabella and Ferdinand. Now starts an even darker episode in human history.

Mass killing and enslavement of local populations, slavery and agreement to import black slaves from Africa. No-one comes out of this episode with clean hands. Not even the Catholic Church for they certainly had/still have a lot of blood on their hands from this history. I wonder if any Pope has ever begged forgiveness for what his organisation did? I was certainly left wondering that as I closed the book to look at the garden and enjoy the colours.

I took some photos to share with you. They are of the back garden from my balcony and front from my bedroom window.

That evening I went to the Kömische Oper for an evening of Brittan, Pärt and Holst.  Here is a picture of the programmes, including details of that evening.

After the concert, I went to the players canteen, as usual, and met Angelika. She plays viola in the orchestra so we had a good chat about the concert over a glass of red wine. I great way to end the day – and a memorable week of excursions!