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die Grippe

Feb 07 2011

die Grippe – and other things

Ich habe die Grippe :-((    

I felt progressively worse yesterday. I didn’t feel too good at the AGM, but yesterday it was clear that I was starting with the flu/influenza/die Grippe. I hardly slept all night and so went to my Dr this morning. He confirmed my diagnosis and gave me antibiotic tablets. I had some throat lozenges and greasy stuff to rub into my chest, but I think the antibiotics will sort out my Grippe.

I cancelled all my appointments until Thursday, so now I have finished off one book, made lots of telephone calls, and done some computer work for the teachers communication internet page. I have a book to review and a set of practice activities for younger learners. I’ll do that tomorrow after I have slept well and won’t make any mistakes – I hope!

Got a nice plan from Jan of where he and Arancha are now skiing. They are in Les Arcs in the very south of France. I did a Google Map check and found it is only 30km south-west of Claviers. This is where friends live, and I have been invited to stay in early June. What a coincidence!

I also got an e-mail from Paul in NZ, saying he has added my blog address to his browser window so he can keep an easy check on updates and news. Thanks Paul – that is very nice of you!

I’ve also just contacted Daniel in Brazil to get details of when he is coming to Berlin at the end of February.  Sarah and Reena are also visiting then, so I hope they don’t clash.

What else? Yes, Fran’s cataract removal and Lynne’s hip operation were successful. Big sighs of relief there! P&L are still swanning around the med in a cruise ship, B&R are back from a holiday in Spain, and I&B in London are busy packing bags for the move to Beijing, where I hope they will have more time to read my blog:-)  Interesting times!

Now where did I put my apples? I remember that, ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. Let’s see if it works!