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Aug 28 2008

Day in Caputh, Tuesday 26 August.

Caputh is a small town on the south side of two adjoining lakes 6 klm south of Potsdam. It is mainly famous for being selected by Albert Einstein to have a summer house built there. It is also famous for it’s architectural style, being made of wood and sits on a wooded hill side overlooking the town and the lakes (Templiner See and Schwielow See). He had a boat there. It was given to him by colleagues to celebrate his 50th birthday. Now those are the kind of colleagues to have! He only spent the three summers from 1930 to 1932 there. He was in the USA in 1933 when the NS came to power and he decided not to return to Germany.

The town also has ‘Schloss Caputh’ in the centre, in a park facing the south of Templiner See. The rulers of Brandenburg used to live there in summer. It has been renovated but sadly a lot of the furnishings are missing. A pleasant place to visit and relax on a sunny summer day.

I went with Oldie Hermann and three nice ladies from the Bauhaus museum where he works. I met two of the women when we went on a trip to Leipzig earlier this year. We plan to have more Ausflüge before winter arrives.