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Day before

May 07 2011

The Day Before

It is the day before my birthday. I have really enjoyed it so far even though it did not turn out as planned.

I expected to be on an ‘oldie’ walk along the southern part of the old Berliner Wall, but I got a call early this morning to say I was having visitors.

Quick call to cancel the walk, vacuumed the flat, washed the dishes and ran under the shower. Just in time to greet my guests!

Nice to see them, catch up on news and get a present. I shall unpack it tomorrow, but I think it is liquid and comes in a bottle:-) After they left I picked up a few things from my local supermarket. You can see them above – lots of bottles for tomorrow!

Yesterday, after my usual Friday things, I went to the Institute to pick up a few things then met Marga. She had a birthday a short time ago and we had arranged to meet for a chat over a meal and a glass. Very nice evening indeed, but then it is always more than pleasant to meet Marga.

She bought me a large plant for my balcony. It is a Jasmin plant and I have never had one before. I duly watered it this afternoon and put it on the balcony. In the photo you can see it in the upper left. On the table you can see a cool glass of beer, crisps and one of the books I am reading at the moment.

It was very nice to relax and just soak up these simple pleasures. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?