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Dec 04 2009

Just cruising along!

In the ‘Bob Book’ note, Pauline told me about her plans. She and Lew decided to celebrate retirement with a cruise and non-better than around the Caribbean, which was Lew’s childhood playground. They went with a nice couple about their age, who I remember meeting a few years ago.

They are cruising on the P&O cruise ship ‘Oriana’. This is the second ship of that name and has been in operation since 2001.

This is their travel plan. Board ship at Southampton and sip a little free champers, unpack and explore! That is the hard work done! Sail off to Vigo in Spain then cross the Atlantic to arrive at St. Maarten on Friday 4th December. That is TODAY! I checked the web and tracked them down via the ships online tracking system. Very nice!

Tomorrow they are off to St. Kitts, followed by St. Vincent, St. Lucia, (a lot of saints around this part of the world!)  Grenada, Barbados, Madeira on the 15th,  then set sail to cross the Atlantic again and arrive back at Southampton on 19th December. She told me to expect one or two postcards. Can’t wait!  Wow, but is that a retirement present. Life at Cherry Hinton will seem rather boring after that experience. Have a great time all of you.