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Cold and going to Turkey

Jan 05 2009

It’s very cold and I thought I was going to Turkey

We are having a very cold snap in Berlin at the moment and the forecast is for at least -16°C in the night. It is only -12°C on my balcony at the moment. It snowed yesterday and was so cold that is didn’t turn into slush, which is often the case here. At least the sky is blue as you can see from the picture taken this morning from my bedroom window.

Later I went to my first training session this year courtesy of Ian and Birgit. Their Christmas present to me was a years subscription to ‘Der Wellness Club’. I left at the end of June in 2008 and am happy to be going back. My left leg and lower spine need the movement. A very generous present indeed – thanks to both.

After training I met Hans and took him to Flughafen Schönefeld where we got information about a weeks holiday near to Alanya on the Turkish Riviera. I was last there 30 years ago and saw the Turkish planes fly over me on the way to Cyprus and partition of the island! Hans wants to go there for his birthday on the 11th May and so we found a nice place with lots of free sporting facilities – ideal for me!

I did not notice something important until we got back to the office – but Hans had. It offered ‘All Inclusive’ which included ‘lokale Alkoholika von 10.00 bis 24.00 Uhr’ = free booze all day and evening from the hotel booth on the beach at the front of the hotel. No wonder he wanted to go there. The office staff at Han’s home noticed it so they are to meet tomorrow to decide if he can go. If not I have to find something else with him next Thursday. I wonder if I shall get to Turkey this May?