Left bed

Aug 24 2008

Alan woke me just as I was settling into life at ‘Bateson Manor’. Light breakfast and then off to pick up Linda. She was fostered by Alan and Lynne many years ago and they keep in contact. I have met her before and Jan knows her. We had a chat and set out for Alan and Lynne’s church.

Alan cycled there and back on Daniel’s bike. Back home we had a light lunch then it was wheelie time down to Cas Tiger’s ground to watch them beaten by ‘uddersfiel! You can see Linda between Alan and Lynne in one pic — in the ground.

Then wheelie around to see the new footbridge and back home to see Lynne perform her usual miracle in the kitchen and so traditional Sunday roast dinner was ready. I took the pics to send to sons Daniel and Peter in Australia and to Paul in the south of India, on his way slowly back to Castleford. They all responded by e-mail and liked the memories of family Sunday dinner. Nice!

Later we took Linda to her nice ‘techie’ house and there I took a pic of her with all the computer things specially set up to help her. At the end she finally managed to take a pic of us as we left and you can see the nice look of surprise and pleasure on her face. A memorable day for all.