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Christmas Presents

Dec 25 2010

Christmas Presents

I am always delighted to get Christmas cards from family and friends. I am extra pleased to receive Christmas presents. I had less cards than in the last few years but at least as many presents as in the last two or three years. I wonder how one can interpret that?

I am not a Twitter or Facebook person, I prefer to talk to people, so that my explain the drop in cards. Or maybe some people have forgotten how to write! No matter for I was pleased to see the collection grow on my cabinet.

Today I took some photos, then of the presents and noted the interesting breakdown. I think this must reflect how my friends see me = bottles of whiskey (thanks liebe Andres!) red wine, sherry and sekt, followed by chocolate/sweets and two things to read.

One is a calender of the most stupid quotes which reflects my interest in the English language and one (thanks Mathias and Sylvana also for the concert ticket) with the interesting question, “Where do nudists keep their hankies?”. I asked Marga this afternoon and she said. “In their mouths!”. Not many other options are there!! Any other ideas?

I took a photo of the area in front of my flat and one of the garden at the back around 11.00 am so you could see that we really do have snow here. Earlier I got a call from the Batesons of Cas. Great to hear from them.

I was also able to talk to Daniel, who is over from Australia, and his sister Lee, who was staying in the family house with her daughters.

I shall be helping Lee to get round Berlin in May when she arrives to play in some concerts with her group. More of this later in the year.

A very nice day indeed. In twenty minutes I have guests arriving. I updated this blog as I waited for them but now I must sign off. There was a change of plan and they are coming to see me. Enjoy the rest of the day.