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Jul 31 2011

I recently went shopping with Marga. I bought some chopsticks and a can of dried peas. I wanted to practice how to use chopsticks.

Marga lived in Hong Kong, Singapore and other places in the ‘East’ for many years so can use chopsticks without even thinking or looking. I can’t so we bought the essentials and she came round to help.

First she showed me where and why the lower stick goes, then the upper stick and also you have to move it forward or backward depending on what you want to pick up. Nice theory….then the practice.

At first I couldn’t do anything….then slowly I managed to get hold of a pea. More tongue hanging out of mouth moments and then I was able to lift it …….but no, it fell to the ground.

Don’t worry; said Marga. Try again. I did with the same result. More comforting from Marga and then I did it. I picked up a pea and put it in my mouth.

 I was so pleased I did it again and again. Marga took some photos to record this momentous event.

The big question is why I am practicing to eat with chopsticks! Answers on a postcard to ……..