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camera and books

Jan 02 2011

 An ex-camera and books

As we moved towards the New Year, I got the ‘itch’ to start with something ‘new’.

I’ve been fairly active over the holiday season visiting people, and enjoying the snow from the window of a train, or S-Bahn, or bus. I’ve also enjoyed quiet periods at home.

The ‘new’ bug bit when I was at home. It started with changes when Jan was here, and then moved to clearing out things I have not used in the last twelve months. I am giving away all my collection of English learning cassettes this week.

I sorted out my books and threw many away. I sorted out my bookshelves (see photo) and found 30 books I have not yet read (see photo). I’m reading three at the moment but clearly need to increase my reading speed 🙂

I also decided to hammer a camera. A great feeling. Try it! I have already hammered laptops and posted to this blog. Remember? This time it was a Polaroid I found at the back of a cupboard. Interesting to find out what was behind the plastic casing.

Very much technology of the 1960s, but surprising to see how many parts the thing had. Then I began to wonder about the brain of the person who thought up this thing. Now most of us use digital cameras and never think about this older ‘new’ technology.

I was interested to see the link between plastic, metal and basic electronic circuits. Just think, in a few years we shall have to go to a museum to see such things! Don’t forget that you saw it for free here!