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Aug 15 2011

Busy, busy since my return from England. It started with a series of calls from the Institute asking me to teach through August. I accepted for it will pay for my China trip 🙂

Yesterday I was in Glashütte to enjoy a cello concert. It was given by Milka and others who are learning the cello. It was nice to see her again with husband Sven and their children. A great time. The bonus was that their little boy let me pick him up and cuddle him. When I put him down, he wanted more cuddles. How to melt one’s heart!

On Saturday I went to a workshop for teachers. It was about English as a Lingua Franca. There is a new academic movement exploring this and slowly we are getting books with teaching tips for practical work. It was really interesting and I learnt a few new things. Can’t be bad!

Just been to the dentist. Trying to save the root of a tooth. Not sure about having it out rather than risk having dental treatment in Beijing. We decided to wait and see how I reacted to treatment this week. Perhaps the wisest decision.

This week I’m teaching each day, tomorrow is an ‘oldie’ meeting to eat chicken and chat! On Friday I have been invited to an evening concert in Schloss Biesdorf. This is followed by another concert in Kloster Chorin to the north of Berlin on Saturday. Another busy week!