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Boxing Day

Dec 27 2009

Boxing Day plus 1

I spent the afternoon and evening with Christa and Detlef and friends at their flat in the north-east of Berlin. I enjoyed traveling there on the tram and seeing the happy faces of children – and even most of the parents!

It was a traditional round of Kaffee und Kuchen + chat, then a glass of Rotkappchen Sekt + more chat until the meal arrived on the table + more chat during and after. I get a shot of the Kaffee und Kuchen Tisch and what appeared to me to be  an alternative to the traditional tree and decoration.

Now is the day after and I am relaxing at home and note this is the first day I have not been out visiting and/or celebrating since last Sunday = exactly a week. I plan to go to my training centre on Tuesday and see how much damage has been done to my weight over the last week or so 🙂 I have eaten nothing today but am now feeling rather peckish (hungrig in German). Wonder what is in the fridge?