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Jul 31 2011

A few days after I returned to Berlin, I got a ring on my door bell. It was a nice lady from Deutsche Post to deliver a small parcel. What a nice surprise!

Inside was a copy of, John Osborne: A Patriot For Us by John Heilpern. It is a biography of one of the most important English language writers in the post war period.

I then remembered my last day in England. I went to Ilkley with Fran, Barbara and Rachel. We wandered along The Grove and ended up in a bookshop. I said to Barbara that I would like this book but did not have the space/weight allowance in my bag. She did not know his name and asked me why I would like it. I told her why and she just smiled at me.

Later Fran and I walked to Betty’s Tea Room and noticed that we had lost Barbara and Rachel. They later caught up with us and we had a superb strawberry cream tea at Betty’s. I thought no more about it until I opened the packet.

All was clear. She went back and bought it while I wandered off in the direction of The Grove. Many thanks again Barbara for such a wonderful surprise gift to remind me of a very special afternoon in Ilkley. 

Here you can see it with two other books I bought and carried back to Berlin. I can recommend them all. The one you can see on the right I bought with Lynne. We are reading it together and commenting per e-mail and telephone calls.