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Bon Voyage 2

Feb 28 2011

Bon Voyage 2

 Who else is leaving? Tomorrow morning Frau Pirow is leaving. She is my neighbour. She lives in the flat under mine. I’m rather sad about this for we have got to know each other well lately.

I posted about her earlier,  when I went to her 92nd birthday party. Here is a photo I took at the time. She looked just the same this morning when she knocked on my door.

She had come to say, ‘Goodbye’.  A few days earlier she had left a little bag with two bottles of beer (can I hear Jan’s voice at the mention of Bier?) two chocolate blocks – milk and plain flavour – and a very nice card.

On the card she wrote, ‘ Dear Mr O’Dwyer, many thanks for your help and friendliness. You were a very nice neighbour. Best wishes – Frau Pirow.’ She wrote in German. so this is my translation.  Isn’t it from the heart?

She held my hand as she talked. and confessed to feeling sad. I can understand her, but she is going to a special home for the elderly with hearing and sight problems. In terms of health and provision, it is the best for her.

I can hear a ‘but’ coming on …. But, I can understand her concern that it means she can’t look after herself as she moves into the final stage of her life. I shall miss her, and wonder who I shall get as a new neighbour.

That could be interesting.  I have the same lawyer who helped me to remove Herr Hein last summer. Watch this space!