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Bon Voyage 1

Feb 28 2011

Bon Voyage 1

Counting the hours down until Ian and Birgit leave Germany to start the first leg of their adventures in an easterly direction!

I had a really memorable evening with them yesterday. We quickly got down to the business of communication. Birgit was also very pleased with Ian’s construction of their first blog, so this time I showed her how it all worked.

She very quickly took over and not only added a post to my blog, but made some changes to their new blog. Quick learner!

I took some photos of them. We finally settled on one of them not looking into camera, but at something they shared. This was the best.  I agreed with their decision to add it to the heading of their new blog.

After a number of other techie things, we wandered to a local ‘real’ Italian restaurant. We’ve eaten there before. I remembered as soon as we entered. A classic evening of good food, wine, humour and conversation.

In arguing about who pays the bill, I lost. But I accepted their offer to pay for a meal in Beijing. Wow, they meant it. I am now thinking into the future and wondering how, when etc about flying there late summer. Watch this space.

I’ve added a photo of Birgit with a glass of Rotkappchen Sekt. Why? Because she gave me permission, and just in case Trish reads this post! It’s our Zum Wohl to you Trish!