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Birthdays in October

Sep 30 2009

Birthdays and things in October

Micha starts the month with his 70th birthday on the 4th. Friends are planning a big party – pity I shall miss it! Nephew Andrew will be 32 on the 5th – and I shall be able to buy him a beer at least for I shall be near his place on that day. Frau Direktor Dr. Birgit (Brandt) will be celebrating her over 40 again day with Ian in London, and also on the 5th. Nephew Warren will be 33 on the 12th and I shall be there to celebrate with him. His mother, Frances, follows on the 14th where we shall have a 63rd birthday breakfast before I leave for Liverpool and the flight back to Berlin. 

Marita will be 58 on the 21st, and I shall be at her party with at least one glass of wine to celebrate. One day later my neighbour will be 91. I shall take her some flowers as I did last year. Dianne (Bolton) will be 63 on the 27th. I hope to see her on my visit for it is ages since we met. Tanja Bridge ends the month with her 46th on the 31st October and will celebrate with Adrian and family in London. Happy Birthday to each and all!

What else is happening? I don’t have any teaching at the Institute in October.  The concert season at the Komische Oper starts on the 9th October, but I shall miss it. I shall, however, catch the rest of them.  I have to see my allergy Doctor the day after my return for another injection. Next day I start Part 2 of my Photoshop Elements course at the Oldie Centre. That will run each Friday afternoon until Christmas. Looking forward to it.

My private students will continue after my UK break and I’m looking forward to hearing about Jens’ adventures in Rome. On the 24th I have been invited to party at Sylvana and Mathias’ house for an evening of seeing pictures of their recent trip to Canada with nice food and wine. I note another appointment with a doctor on the 26th but this is with my skin doctor. The new tablets are not very successful so I hope he puts me onto the old ones. This month is also ‘Hans free’. I shall not be taking him out until the start of November when I plan to take him on longer tours. He needs the movement.

When I write to this blog  I always remember Jan’s words. I once asked him if he read all the text and he replied, “No, not always. Too many words, but I always look at the pictures.” Good advice so I shall now break the text into easy to read paragraphs and add some pictures.

The problem is that I don’t have any new ones of my trips, so I decided to let your eyes enjoy the images of my recent shopping expedition. I bought things for my bathroom. Now isn’t that nicer than reading all this text?  🙂