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Birthdays in September

Aug 31 2009

Birthdays and things in September

Teaching at the institute will reduce over the month and then I shall fly to England at the start of October. There are already some day trips planned such as to Steczien in Poland, Rostock on the Baltic coast and a Mugglesee-Gang meeting at Larissa’s ranch near Bernau.

Birthdays start with Lynne on the 1st September (Thanks Andrea for reminding me) then  Charlotte who will be partying her 18th on the 6th September. She shares the day with Nevand who will be having a quieter party in Berlin to celebrate her 5th birthday. Andrea hits 24 on the 8th September and will be celebrating with Sir Ken without a shadow of a doubt. My nephew Stephen hits 39 in Cambridge on the 22 September, followed by Robert Gast and his 31st on 23rd. That week ends with Sylvana celebrating her 49th with Mathias and family on the 25th. My nephew Jefferson rounds off the month on the 29th September with his 36 birthday which he will celebrate with his wife and now two wonderful children.

Happy birthday to all and each and have a super day with all your dearest and nearest!