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Aug 31 2008

Heike and Barbara and two of the loudest in complaining that I closed my private web page in January 2008 and concentrated on this blog as the main medium of communication between friends and family. Okay, I have noted the complaints but shall decide at the end of this year if I close this and return to a private web page.

Both complained at the absence of information about birthdays on my blog – so here goes.


Charlotte will be 17 on Saturday 6 September. She is Adrian and Tanja’s first child and born in Kreuzberg, Berlin. She is also my godchild. She speaks German even though she and her brother have lived in London for a number of years.

On the same day, Nevand will be 4 years old. She is the daughter of Sven and Milka. I must see them more often. Sven was in one of my advanced classes and I remember him talking about Milka when they first met. A classic love story, and now they have Nevand.

On the 7th September I shall be posting eltabb ETMs (magazines) with Marg and David. I shall get a bottle of sekt and Gordon’s Gin with Schweppes Tonic to revive them after the work. Should be fun!

Liebe Andrea will be 23 on Monday 8 September. She is Jan’s little sister with a TALL boyfriend called Ken. She is a wonderful example of someone brimming with life and talent who only needs the chance to ‘bloom’ and show what talent she has. She also studies very hard but still manages to smile and enjoy life!

Saturday 13th September. I am going to a ‘Grill Party’ at Waldemar and Nina’s summer ‘Schloss’ in Spandau. Waldemar was in my first Mugglesee Group the members of which have always kept in contact. I shall no doubt post a report and pics of this nice event to this blog.

15th September – 2004 – was the day of Birgit’s funeral and a day I shall never forget. At 3.00pm on this day I have my first appointment with my Allergy Doctor to start the 4 months of injections and treatment for my allergies. This is year 2 of 3 that I have to have injections.

Sunday 21st September. I am meeting Ziya, Marianne and Franziska to go to the Eberswalde Heberwerke almost on the Polish border. I have been there before but it really is a technical wonder. It is a machine to transfer ships from low to high ground and so enable water transport. Of course, when it was built the areas to the east were part of Germany and so facilitated inland trade. Now it allows trade in coal from Poland to the power stations in Berlin.

Monday 22 September. My nephew Stephen Gooding will be 38. Wow, but how time flies. Have a great day with your lovely wife, Stephen.

Robert Gast will be 30 on Tuesday 23rd September. Have a nice birthday Robert and try to show your face to me and your aunts when we meet to celebrate you dear mothers life.

Sylvana will be 48 on Thursday 25th September. Have a great day with Mathias and tell us all how you manage to keep fit and still look like you are 31!

Saturday and Lew has his birthday. In case you don’t know he is Stephen’s father and there is something of a secret about his real age. He recently took early retirement so I am guessing he is either 61 or 62!

Monday 29th September. My nephew Jefferson will be celebrating his 35th birthday with his wife and daughter and having a nice family time.

The month ends on the 3oth — and it would have been dear Birgit’s birthday. It is also the day on which my father died aged 92 in 2004.

Interesting things in September. If you have comments or news about September then add them to this post – it is open so you can add what you want!