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Big Breakfast

Mar 24 2009

Last Thursday I went to Jutta and Gerald’s nice flat for a Big Breakfast.

Jutta has now retired from being the boss of the book store project, where I worked for a short time, to look after her husband. It was the first time I had met Gerald although I had often spoken to him on the telephone and see photos of him with Jutta.

Jutta is a bit of a hobby photographer and snapped these of me. I forgot to take my camera and in spite of Stefan of the Friday Photoshop group lecturing us, “Always have your camera with you.” I forgot Stefan!

The breakfast was a feast and one that wandered to lunchtime before I tore myself away to gallop to my Spanish course. We talked about everything possible as one topic rolled into another in a very natural way.

They are moving to a modern flat with wheelchair facilities near to my place in summer. Can’t wait to see them again and enjoy another breakfast.

It was also another chance to pose in my new ‘specs’ and I notice I was just starting with flu which is now in full swing. Keep taking the pills and stay away from people. This I can do today as I sweat it out at home, but this evening I am going to an Italian restaurant to see Max and hear all about his adventures in London with Jana.

Prinz Joachim von Media-Markt will also be there. Big surprise for he normally doesn’t have time for anything but work!