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Big Apple 1

Jul 10 2009

Big Apple 1

On my return I had a quiet day catching up on Jan’s experiments and what I needed to check = not much then! I made myself useful in other ways such as shopping, washing, ironing and other exciting things!

Next day we set off for New York. Jan had already found a good hotel for a reasonable price in Queens not too far away from Manhatten. We arrived at midday and booked in. Left the car at the hotel and did all our travelling by subway. I was reminded more of London Tube than of the U-Bahn system in Berlin. You certainly see some interesting and strange characters in the subway.

We went to the site of the World Trade Towers, which is now just a big building site, took the Statten Island Ferry which takes you past the Statue of Liberty. It was then not open to the public except for the base section. Now you can go to the top. On our return we walked to Brooklyn Bridge then took in 5th Avenue area, walked through China Town and through Little Italy before arriving in Times Square.

By then it was dark so we decided to return to the hotel where my notes say we ate sandwiches, I had white dry wine and we fell asleep watching the latest Batman film on TV. Interesting end to an interesting day!