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Bag Packed

Jun 16 2011

My Bag is Packed

I’ve already packed my bag for the flight to Liverpool tomorrow then later to Silsden. As you know, I should be flying back from Provence in the south of France today, but due to my fall the Doc did not allow that.

Hannelore and Peter called me from Claviers yesterday evening to get the latest. They also told me that they went to visit friends on Tuesday who have a house at Cannes overlooking the bay. They also have a boat so they spent the day swanning around the Cannes coast and enjoying a picnic. My seat on the boat was empty! The friends said they would repeat it the next time I am there. Nice of them!

Packing a bag for England is not quite the same as just getting back from a boat tour around Cannes, but I feel I really need a break from my corner of the world and routine.  I hope the airport hassle and security over-the-top do not spoil the flight.

Barry ‘n Pam are picking me up and I am looking forward to relaxing in their superb garden tomorrow. My Doc only gave me the ‘All Clear’ for me to fly to Blighty on Tuesday morning, so I have been busy contacting people about visits and travel plans. I’m sure it will all work out.

In case you have forgotten what Silsden looks like, here are a couple of old photos. I shall be back on the 3 July so there will be no posts to this blog until after that date. Have fun everyone and enjoy the next few weeks!