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August 2010

Jul 26 2010

August and things!

Have started packing my bag for the flight to Liverpool tomorrow. Our ‘Baz ‘n Pam’ will pick up ‘Ey up Soft-lad’ at the airport and so will start my three week gallop in England. I’m looking forward to seeing old faces again and two new ones. They are the children of Jefferson and Leanne, who I have not met!

What else will be happening in August? Birthdays of course!
Beatrix will celebrate her 37th on the 6 August, Nicole celebrates her birthday on the 21 August, but we are not allowed to know how old! Jürgen will be 66 on the 24th, Angelika will celebrate her 58 birthday on the 25th, sister Pauline will be 66 on the 26th (she is catching up on me :-), Dieter will be 66 on the 27th. Ziya also has his birthday on the 27th but we are not allowed to know how old! My lieber Jan will hit 27 on the 28th August.  Jan, you are getting old but I am glad you still play football – and look younger! Enjoy Nederlands with Arancha.

Happy Birthday to all and have a great time with family and friends