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April birthdays

Apr 01 2010

April birthdays and things

I started this month with spring cleaning. Actually I started it at the end of March but by the start of April I had cleaned away all the dust and cobwebs that hang around on ceilings and walls, cleaned all the windows and even washed the kitchen and bathroom floors in addition to the usual cleaning.

Now looking into the new month, I note the following birthdays: Horst will be 76 on the 4th April. He is celebrating with his wife and family then so I am going to ‘the non-family’ party on the 5th!  Dennis hits 55 on the 11th and will be celebrating with his wife and twins in California. On the 13th, Neil will be 53, Ulli will be 63 and Marga will celebrate her 62nd special day. My business partner, Mathias, will be 46 on the 19th, Peter Legarth will be 46 on the 22nd. He is on the left hand side of my blog window – with his charming partner Andre. Dr. Birgit will celebrate her 46th on 24 April and Katrin Schulze will celebrate her 42nd with Stefan on the 28th April.

I shall not be in Berlin to celebrate Katrin’s big day for on Sunday 25th April I am leaving Berlin for Frankfurt-am-Main to catch a plane to fly to the USA. After changing planes at someplace in the north, I fly south to arrive at New Orleans to spend nearly 3 weeks with Tony, Rita and their kids. During my stay there will be a jazz and a blues festival. I shall go to both for they will be new experiences to enjoy.

I arrive back in Berlin on 11th May. It is also Hans’ 59th birthday! I shall then greet nephew Warren and friend Alex who will have flown in as I was flying over the Atlantic. All that is for my May 2010 report. Should be interesting.

I need a photo for this report. Just looked in the recent files and decided on a good one of me with food!