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Oct 25 2009

Andrew and Adele

My last Saturday I spent with my nephew Andrew and his wife Adele. Also in the act were Olivia, Scarlett, James and Paula. A very pleasant evening indeed.

We started with a visit to Ilkley which is not far from where they live. I got to walk along The Grove with the lovely Olivia on my arm. She tried to help me with Spanish for she has it at school. We forgot the word for ‘where/is’ … all my brain threw up were the German(wo ist) and Hindi(kahan:) words. We were just outside my favorite bookshop so we dashed in and consulted a Spanish dictionary. Donde/de donde es. We exited the shop much to the confused looks of the assistants, and resumed our jaunt with more Spanish. Thanks Olivia, I really enjoyed my saunter on The Grove with you!

Adele wanted me to try some ‘Fat Rascals’, only obtainable at Betty’s, so we all squeezed into the shop section and she bought some for later with tea/coffee. That was the first thing we did on our return. Their friends James and Paula then arrived and we gathered in the drive to admire Paula’s one week old Alfa Romea. That done it was time to start early evening drinks. I did the honours by producing my mix of G&T, which I had brought with me. The mix was clearly a success judging by all the ‘Oooohs’ and ‘Aaaahs’ after the first mouthful.

Andrew then retired to the kitchen to cook a delicious evening meal (a la Spain), while everyone chatted away and sipped another of my popular G&T. It is also popular with friends in Berlin in summer who always ask me to mix it. The secret is the amount of ice and lemon. A good time was had by all. I got into my taxi rather late and thought of all the things I had heard and seen – and tasted – as I was driven back to Silsden.