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May 22 2011

With Andrea in Köpenick

I had a very nice afternoon yesterday. I went to Köpenick with Andrea and enjoyed the afternoon seeing the old centre. Later we relaxed in a restaurant overlooking the River Spree, which flows through Berlin.

We arranged out meeting sometime ago on the basis that we usually meet over a plate and glass, but hadn’t done so this year. She gave me a present. It is a book called Winter in Madrid. She had just read it and knew I had read a number of history books about Spain.

This one is a novel and set in Madrid in 1940, just after the end of the Civil War. Madrid lies in ruins and provides the backdrop to the drama. Thanks liebe Andrea. I shall start reading it tomorrow for I finished my current book in the sun on my balcony this morning.

We talked about all kinds of things and it is nice to be so open with each other. She is starting work soon in a new part of Berlin and one closer to home. She is looking forward to that. She is very photogenic so I couldn’t resist taking a couple of photos of her with the river as background. You can see the results for yourself.

Köpenick is famous for its inner centre with its Schloß built on a small island in the middle of the river. Das Rathaus (Town Hall) is also famous for its architecture and the figure of Der Hauptmann von Köpenick at the entrance. We had to have one of me with him. Pity this area in the south east of Berlin is not on the tourist route.

We relaxed in a restaurant with a view to the water and enjoyed some traditional German food. I added a good Czech beer, which was sold from the barrel. I’m not a fan of bottled beer! Delicious – and I cleared the plate!

Can’t wait for another nice afternoon with her before the sun sinks into winter!