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Andrea Flat

Dec 21 2010

Andrea’s new flat

Last Sunday afternoon I braved the minus 11°C temperature, snow and wind, and struggling public transport system. I overcame all and so finally arrived at Andrea’s new flat. I rang the bell, climbed up four flights of steps and ran the bell.

A nice big warm hug and a kiss greeted me. Her flat was also warm and welcoming. I liked it immediately and told her I could happily live there. She just smiled! We sipped warm ‘Chai’ and nibbled slices of Stollen. It is the German answer to English Christmas Cake.

We quickly toured the flat and I took some photographs. No surprise there! But, the one in the bedroom failed because of empty batteries so I only have ones of the kitchen and living room. I was surprised by how quickly she had organised everything following the move and the range of furniture she had.

Remember that she did all this while doing the finals for her B.A., getting work experience at the Parliament in Budapest and starting a new job with the government at the start of December. Phew – what a list and then finding the flat and organising the move. Wonder if there is a gold medal for doing such things?

We chatted about all kinds of things as we later drank a glass of sekt – or three! I really enjoyed my visit and it was well worth braving the bad weather to get there.  Many thanks liebe Andrea!