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Last week

This time it is 9 days since I last posted. Hope you all enjoyed your Easter holiday. My week started on Tuesday at 3.00pm when I went to the Abacus Hotel opposite Tierpark (Z00) which is 3 stops on a tram from where I live. The reason was to attend the AGM of my local SPD branch. Very interesting and I noted some voices not happy with decisions made by SPD members of the central government, mainly a huge amount in taxes to finance a large increase in military expenditure. I’m sure you must have heard about this on your local news. After that, I went to Martina’s for supper. I joined Jutta and Dorothea who comes from the south of Poland. She was visiting a conference in Berlin and stayed a Martina’s. I have met her before and am always impressed with her ability to speak German and English. Amazing talent!

I relaxed with my books on Wednesday and Thursday, did some shopping and cleaned the flat. The big day was on Friday. It started with Easter Friday Breakfast at Jutta’s with other members of The Gang. I then got home at 1.00pm just in time for Eleonora to pick me up. We drove to her daughter’s home to enjoy the rest of the day talking, sipping Hungarian wine and playing with their two sons. The youngest is 6 months old and a real treasure. I really love him and being able to hold him. Papa cooked while I cuddled my little treasure. His parents don’t want any photos of the boys on the internet, which I accept and respect. What a nice day that was. Yesterday I went to Eleonor’s home. She had invited me for lunch and more chats. Her Spanish teacher was also there, name of Wolf and he also spoke really good English. A really relaxed and interesting afternoon.