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Another week

Another week has gone by since my last post – actually 10 days but a week sounds better 🙂 March ended with a nice breakfast at Johanna’s then 2 Zoom meetings on Saturday. Sunday was a lazy day with a gentle walk to keep me moving. Thorsten came on Monday and helped me with a laptop problem and how to use my ‘new’ Smartphone.

On Wednesday and Thursday there were more Zoom meetings. Next Tuesday is an SPD annual meeting in a nice hotel near to Tierpark. I have an invitation. The big day is next Friday – yes Easter Friday. I have been invited to breakfast at Jutta’s with the rest of the gang. Then rush back home where Eleonora will pick me up. We’ve been invited to Andrea’s home and I’m looking forward to cuddling their new little treasure.

I’ve started reading some more books. One is a German grammar book and the others are A Nietzsche Reader selected and translated by R.J. Hollingdale, and Kant by S.Körner. I recently found the last two books. I read them in my first year at university, but that is a long time ago and I have forgotten the contents. The weather is slowly moving into Spring and I can’t wait until the sun starts to shine and I can read on my balcony. Have a happy relaxing Sunday.