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Nice week

It is 8 days since my last post and I have to say that I have had a nice week. It started on Monday with meeting Jörge for a smartphone session. I really have a lot to learn. I am still amazed when I walk along a street and 7/8 year olds walk along tapping their smartphones – and not always look where they are going! On Tuesday I met the usual groups of ‘oldies’ at the AWO and on Wednesday welcomed two new people to another AWO group who want to improve their English. In the afternoon I posted my old passport, two new photographs and an application form for a new passport to the passport office in London. We can no longer apply for a new one at the UK Embassy in Berlin. I also asked for payment details for I don’t have an international credit/debit card. Let’s see what happens.

I relaxed on Wednesday mainly by reading a book. On Thursday evening I joined a Zoom group for what we call a Virtuellen Vertretersammlung = an AGM of a housing cooperative called the EVM. I live in one of their flats and am an elected member of the central committee. A very interesting evening but I prefer to attend such a meeting in person rather than via a computer. I had a lazy day on Friday with some walks and more reading. On Sunday afternoon I joined a zoom meeting to attend the Labour International March General Committee meeting. 74 members from different countries were present and there were some interesting discussions in the Motions section.

After that, Thorsten arrived to correct some problems on my laptop. Nice to see him again and we had a good chat as we sipped a glass of ‘Red Medicine’ At the next meeting we are going to look at the layout of this blog for I have problems to move photos higher in the blog reports. The weather has also been slowly improving as we move into Spring. Can’t wait to sit on the balcony in the sunshine.