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Today is International Women’s Day. It is a public holiday in Germany and there will be lots of demonstrations demanding more protection for women and to reduce the pay gap between men and women. We can also note language here for we write ‘women’ but we say ‘wimmen/wimmin’. I hear many people on the radio who use the singular when they should have used the plural. We are having nice weather at the moment. Clear blue skies, but still cool, so that will also bring more women onto the streets

The centre of Berlin will be full today of people on demonstration,  and around the Hauptbahnhof for that is where refugees from Ukraine arrive. Most are women and children. Charities organise the collection and distribution of clothes, food, medicine etc – as they do in other countries. Good work! Some people also offer rooms in their homes as well as food and clothes. My local AWO has just announced they are also to organise such collections and have appealed for donations and gifts.

You my remember in an earlier post I said that I had lunch at Imre’s home. He cooked Hungarian Gulash served with potatoes. He likes to cook – and to eat, as I mentioned before. Now I have a photo to share with you of Imre enjoying his plate of food. He later ate another full plate! I enjoyed my visit and look forward to the next.