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March 2022 Things

I’ve had a good week including putting my smartphone onto an internet connection via Aldi Talk. Now I have to learn how to use the machine. I had a couple of meetings with people at AWO then Johanna visited on Wednesday afternoon and we had Kaffee und Kuchen. On Thursday I met a small group of seniors and we went on a nice walk in Treptower Park. The last couple of days have been quiet and I have done a lot more reading. I got a call from Imre and he invited me to his home on Monday for lunch. I asked him what he was going to cook and he said, “It’s a surprise!” Nice to get such calls.


Who has a birthday next month? Colin in Australia starts us off with his birthday on the 19th. Back in Berlin, Dr. Günter Porsch will celebrate his big day on the 22nd. Over in Bernau, Dr. Bernd Wittek will celebrate with his family on the 28th. Back in Berlin, Johanna will celebrate her birthday with family and friends on the 31st. Happy Birthday to each and all no matter where you are.