Left bed


It’s really windy here. We had rain and growing wind during the night. Now the rain has stopped but the wind has increased. On the radio I heard that it is really bad in the UK with more high winds tomorrow. I decided to stay at home and catch up on paperwork and reading. This evening there will be a football match on TV so I am looking forward to that. I recently heard a BBC Radio 4 interview with a Prof of Languages from the US. Very interesting and he talked about how English has changed and still is.

New English. Let me share some of this ‘modern English’ with you. Again all heard on BBC Radio 4 mainly from interviews with politicians and business people. Here goes: to make a vote / real time intelligence / beginning part of the year / switch out a president / to continue on / it is hugely modern / to ride out an outbreak /it’s tricky to see / history breaking cover / to be in lock step / it’s vital to grow the numbers / a window remains / we are upskilling.