Left bed


I’ve had a quiet week which I can describe as ‘normal’ for this time of year. Nothing new or special to report. The main talking points were the weather and the anti-corona marches and demonstrations by those who will not wear a mask or have a vaccine. I’m waiting to be told where to go and when for my No.4. Perhaps in Spring.

I went for a walk with Johanna and we crossed a bridge over the railway lines and S-Bahn lines. Here is a photo of an approaching S-Bahn. It had just left my local station called Karlshorst. We walked further and saw a large construction site. Johanna said 5,000 flats were being built there. It is one of a number of such sites in Berlin. There is a growing shortages of flats and at prices people can afford. Back to walking and we saw a couple of play areas for children with lots of trees, lawns and gardens. Our walk ended at the main road and taking a tram to my local stop.

Next week I have some on-line meetings via Zoom and then to meet a couple on Wednesday morning who need help with a text in English. They have a problem to understand how the English speakers use the simple past tense. The German language has it but few German speakers use it. They use the present perfect tense. I am not the only person to wonder why they have thrown a tense out of the window! Have a relaxing rest of the day.