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January 2022 Things

Start of a new week, month and year. My wish is for the coronavirus to disappear. I’m tired of wearing a mask when I go out and having to get a negative test document before I can enter many places – such as the Philharmonie. The concert was really good with 4 musicians from Bratislava as the stars playing a mixture of music.

I was invited for lunch by Imre yesterday. Very tasty and this time he only ate 2 plates full but they were piled up with food! Lots of talking, then later he showed me a computer programme offering 100 languages to learn. We turned on Spanish and relaxed by repeating the basic words and getting the pronunciation right. Nothing special in my diary for this month – more of the usual meetings and events.

Who has a birthday in January? Emma starts the month with her 4th birthday on the 10th. She’ll be celebrating with her family in Den Haag. Hannelore Dost in the south of France will be 79 on the 13th. Back in Berlin, Harald Porsch will be 57 on th 21st – he’s a member of my Mugg-Gang. Over in Potsdam, Dr. Peter Schmidt will be 38 on the 24th followed by Paul Bateson over in New Zealand  who will be 37 on the 27th and in England Scarlett O’D will 14 on the 29th. Back in Berlin Frau Fox will celebrate her 82nd birthday on the 31st of January and so ends our birthday month. Happy Birthday to all and each no matter where you are!